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This script inserts the actual date or the actual time to a predefined position in the document.

To define the position, you'll have to create an textobject and execute this script while the object is selected. The whole object has to be selected and not words or letters. You can mark more objects, if you select each object separate and execute the script on it.

With the placeholders {DATE} and {TIME} you are able to define a particular point, where the date or the time should be replaced. If there is no placeholder in the textobject {FILENAME} ({DATE}, {TIME}) will be used as standard placeholders. To update the date and time execute this script without any object selected.

There are some additional placeholders:

{DATE} actual date
{TIME} actual time
{FILE} complete document-filename with path
{FILEPATH}only the documents filepath
{FILENAME}the filename of the document
{FILEEXT} the file extension of the document inclusive dot

On my system this script can't see the path of the document, when it was opened directly from windows Explorer (double click).

In Illustrator CS it is now possible to edit a DateAndTime-Object.

wr-dateandtime.js0.9 22.9.2011 10 and higher Wolfgang Reszel

The same script is also aviable for InDesign CS:

wr-dateandtime_id.js0.91 11.4.2008 10 and higher Wolfgang Reszel


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