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This script collects all linked files into a subfolder of the documents folder (linked images). It is similar to the VB-example script on the Illustrator-CD, except that you cannot select the output folder for the Images (because of limitations in javascript).

You can customize the foldername for the images by changing the line

var linkedimagesfolder = "links";

To collect to a copy to a new folder first save your document, then save it to a new folder and execute this script. Let the script set the paths of the linked items to the new folder and again save the document.

Under Windows-based-Systems there is a Problem with Networkshares and the assigned drive-letters. Illustrator always adds the network-path to the drive-letter of the documents, so Illustrator claims the file does not exist. To solve the Problem you have to change the variables (arrays) network_remove and network_replace. Remember to write it the correct way.

\\Server\Folder\Subfolder must be /.\/Server\/Folder\/Subfolder/i

Also remember to put a backslash \ infront of ()[]{}$^.

wr-collect.js0.5 15.11.2005 10 and higher Wolfgang Reszel

The same script is also aviable for InDesign CS/CS2:

wr-collect_id.js0.2 18.04.2008 CS/CS2 Wolfgang Reszel

Installation InDesign CS: InDesign-Folder/Presets/Scripts

The same script is also aviable for InDesign CS3 and CS4:

wr-collect_id3.jsx0.3 3.02.2009 CS3/CS4 Wolfgang Reszel

Installation: InDesign-Folder/Scripts/Scripts Panel

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