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Removes unused items from various palates.

This Script does the following:

1) Removes All unused Swatches from swatch palate

2) Removes All unused Symbols from symbols palate

3) Removes ALL Graphic Styles from Graphics Styles palate.

This drops a blank files size by 280K. :)

I saw examples of this in Applescript and in VBscript, but none in javascript. So I wrote this one.

The limitations using JS are:

1) All Graphic Styles are removed, regardless of whether they are used or not. This does not affect the artwork. If needed, Styles can easily be re-added by re-dragging artwork onto the Graphic Styles palate.

2) There is no way to remove brushes with JS. You still have to remove the brushes manually. The stock CS brushes take up about 71K.


Install to your Scripts folder and reopen Illustrator. CS users can run the script using the Shortcut Key sequence Alt-F-R-D

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